Castrol brayco endurex 4000 plus

Castrol brayco endurex 4000 plusCastrol Endurex 4000 Plus 1 (one) lb container
Промышленные масла Castrol поставляются на наш склад напрямую с заводов Европы. Если необходимого продукта Castrol не оказалось у нас - привезем на заказ, сроки и условия обговариваются отдельно. Гидравлические масла Castrol Индустриальные масла Castrol Компрессорные масла Castrol Масла для консервации и антикоррозийной обработки Castrol Масла для цепей Castrol Масла для электоэрозионной обработки Castrol Масла теплоносители Castrol Пластичные смазки Castrol Редукторные масла Castrol Смазочно-охлаждающие жидкости (СОЖ) Castrol Трансмиссионные масла Castrol Турбинные масла Castrol This item is no longer available. Please contact SPI Supplies for appropriate replacement
Castrol Endurex 4000 Plus 1 (one) lb Container:
Castrol Endurex ® 4000 Plus is a NLGI 2 synthetic grease based upon advanced perfluoroether technology designed for critical "under-thehood" automotive applications which require "Sealed-for-Life" capabilities and a wide operating temperature range. The superior lowtemperature performance of Castrol Endurex ® 4000 Plus provides improved response on winter days while maintaining high temperature performance.
Wide operating temperature range
Chemically inert to fuels, brake fluids and aggressive chemicals
Excellent load carrying ability
"Sealed-for-Life" capability
Compatible with most metal plastics, and elastomers
Exceptional low temperature performance

Castrol Endurex ® 4000 Plus can be used for hydraulic clutches, pistons, air pumps, fan clutches, anti-lock braking systems, and ball and roller bearing components, in static or dynamic conditions, which come in direct contact with fuel, brake fluid, and/or extreme temperatures. Additionally, this product may be used for reactive metal electrical contacts due to its low volatility and excellent oxidative stability.
Penetration, 25°C (77°F), mm-1 Unworked Worked, 60 strokes
Base Oil Viscosity, cSt @ -40°C
Oil Separation, 30 hours, 204°C (400°F), % wt
4-Ball Wear, AWSD, 40 Kg, 1 hour, 1200 rpm, 75°C (167°F), mm
Dropping Point, °F
Copper Strip Corrosion
Evaporative Weight Loss, %, 22 hours, 204°C